Why I decided against buying a fishing rod and reel combo



I’d like to start with a disclaimer and say that I now have purchased a combo and have nothing to the point of getting a combo instead of buying a rod and reel separately. However, I feel compelled because of my experience with fishing to say that it’s better to start small and adjust your expectations in terms of gear and equipment depending on your level of expertise.

The neat thing about combos is that they are pretty much ready to use right out of the box, which means that all you must do is put the parts together and start fishing. I believe that rookies should build their own pole if they have little to no experience with handling a full-size rod. My best piece of advice would be to go out and sit next to a shore, stream, or river, and try catching something with just a pole. What I mean by this is that you can do a lot more with simple equipment if you learn how to use it properly.

In my opinion, if you buy a baitcasting combo right off the bat and without even taking the time to ask some of your angling buddies, you have a high chance of quitting fishing altogether. Baitcasters are extremely hard to handle, which is why they are recommended to experienced fishermen and women who have learned their way around the proper gear used for fishing and the techniques they have mastered over time.

Another question you have to ask yourself when trying to decide between a combo and buying the rod and reel separately is the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Some like trolling, others enjoy chumming, whereas some other people feel like they’re a better match for chumming. Some say that fly fishing and surf fishing are easier, but I couldn’t agree with this because the first requires a good deal of skills.

In fact, choosing the reel is a whole different business than selecting a rod. In my opinion, reels can be split up into two broad categories. Conventional reels are used for anything from bluewater angling to trolling, but spinning reels are made for entirely different styles and lures. Despite the fact that they are great to work with, they might pose some difficulties to complete beginners.

The whole point is that you should try to estimate your requirements better than anything else. Some fishing equipment can look a bit glamorous and let’s face it, it can even make you imagine the amazing adventures you’ll have with that gear. Before you set out for the first tackle shop and buy yourself a hardly usable combo, it might be a good idea to read some more info and find out more about the area you’ll be doing your fishing in and the techniques that you will be utilizing.



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