Story of my blog

Hi, I’m a photographer from Tampa Bay who loves to travel around the state taking pictures of all of Florida’s natural and man-made beauty. Since I do live on the bay it is only natural that I also love fishing, and I’m just as passionate about boating. I decided to start this blog so I could share Florida’s beauty, and also have a place where I could discuss my other two passions.


Tampa is a large city and we are probably best known for the Buccaneers, our NFL team, and it is also where Busch Gardens is located. If you’ve never been to Busch Gardens I highly recommend it. It is a fabulous amusement and animal park. Just imagine going on an African Safari in the state of Florida. While I do travel around the state taking photos, I’ve covered Daytona Beach, the glamour of Miami and South Beach, along with the wild beauty of the Everglades I always come back to Tampa Bay.

Here it seems like we have everything, from gorgeous sandy beaches to chic nightclubs to great shopping in historic Ybor. If you’ve never been to Ybor it should be on your list of places to visit. It is located by downtown Tampa Bay and it is aptly nicknamed “Florida’s Latin Quarter”. If you want to listen to great music while eating authentic Cuban food this is the place you want to go. You will also love all of the eclectic shops that line the streets in Ybor.

Another reason I always end up back home in Tampa is the fact that Forbes has ranked it as one of the top 5 best outdoor cities in the nation. Since I love fishing and boating, it only makes sense that I call this sunny city home. Our tropical climate ensures that the fish are almost always biting inland, and when it comes to saltwater fishing there are very few places better than Tampa Bay. Seriously, some days it can seem like I don’t even need to leave the harbor to start pulling in some truly monstrous fish. Living this close to the water is also ideal for indulging my other passion, boating.


Whether I’m going out with on a charter or taking my own little boat out, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you out on the open water. I’ve also taken some amazing pictures out on the Bay, which means there are times when I get to combine all of my favorites things. I can take great pictures while I’m enjoying a day out on my boat, and since I’m already on the water it only makes sense that I drop in a line.