A few thoughts on saltwater fishing




My friend and I always go fishing in his boat ( as you already know I am looking to buy one myself). It’s our way of bonding since we both have our own families and are pretty busy with our respective careers. Those are the times we can swap stories and just have plenty of fun together. He’s got a really nice boat and we can pretty much spend the time drinking beers or laughing at each other’s efforts to make a bigger catch or to land more fish. Our outings may just be meant to strengthen our friendship, but we both make sure we have the right kind of gear every time.



Fishing rod


My buddy and I both have both collected a variety of rods through the years. He and I have our own spinning, casting, saltwater and specialty rods. My favorite is my premium quality spinning rod. Before I bought my spinning rod, I was torn between one that had a cork handle and one with an EVA foam handle. I decided on the EVA foam handle because I had read somewhere that the material resists stains better. Apparently, my friend agreed with me because his spinning rod also has an EVA foam handle. Yeah, we think alike, he and I.

What sold me on my spinning rod ( I bought it from here), which came in a combo package, was the action and power it offered. I went over multiple reviews because like most anglers, I prefer a moderate- or medium-action rod that bends through the midsection. So far, I have enjoyed maximum casting distance because of the moderate flex, which also ensures a greater amount of kinetic energy that you can use to reel the fish in. I use middleweight crankbaits. Because I have no bloated ambition to make trophy catches but only to capture medium size fish, the spinning rod I use has medium-heavy power rating.

However, my friend uses a fast action rod with heavy power rating, as he has a bigger build than me. Between the two of us, we’ve made some pretty fantastic catches that we mostly release back, save for a really big bass he landed last season, and that he has preserved and mounted to taunt me to go big with my gear. I have chosen not to though, since I have grown really attached to my spinning rod. My friend and I both bought spinning rod-and-reel combos from a top brand. We made sure the reel component could withstand exposure to both brackish and saltwater.



Fish finder


My friend bought a fish finder to give us underwater viewing advantage. It’s a standalone model from one of the most popular brands on the market. The 7-inch device makes it easy to mark fish clearly even when we gun the boat at faster speeds, and has made it easy for us to identify and distinguish between game fish targets and bait fish. So far, it has performed really nicely by giving us better target identification when we’re far out at greater depths in the water.

My friend and I plan to enjoy many fishing trips together for years to come. This makes our gear investments worth the money. It has also allowed us to indulge in an activity that we both have loved since we were young. If you’ve also got a friend with a boat, make sure to invest in top quality fishing gear so you can do more than just speed into the ocean.



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